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Fake cakes

The elegant towers of whipped cream, crunchy almond flakes, fresh berries, airy and delicate soufflé cake — for our masters, nothing is impossible! Upscale Japanese masters make desserts for your windows so realistic that you they themselves will flow salivating, not to mention the amateurs enjoy.

From the diverse range of plaster casts in our online store, you can even choose the layout of a large cake.

Benefits dummy cakes

The original composition serving for tea or layout of cake on display in the window of places:

  • save your advertising budget because serve indefinitely.
  • increase the number of customers, because it looks so natural and tempting that stimulate appetite passers;
  • simplify your sales scheme pre-order because the client in advance see how it will look cake for the celebration of the future;

Use the window of your institution to attract customers and increase sales! In order to buy the layout of cake or other products from our online store, make a request through the basket at the website.

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